Citizen of the world

 in India, as a part of the gesture to join the monastery order they shave your head

 in India, as a part of the gesture to join the monastery order they shave your head

A man of the world is someone who can accept every opinion and every thought and not judge the others.

PLACE: BALKAN BARBER - SALON [under construction]

PARTICIPANTS: Jacky You Li, Yordan Alexandrov, Ivo Paspalski, Bob


Jordan: Are you ready to shave your head?

Jacky: Yes, yes, please, go for it.

Jackie, Bob told me you are a man of the world. Do you know what this is? A man of the world is someone who can accept every opinion and every thought and not judge the others.

I think I'm not quite that.. I'm actually pretty far away. It's a long way for all of us to learn. I think it'll be easier to travel the whole world than to learn to not judge other people. That's a bigger task.

So where are you now?

Right now? I am in the beautiful city Sofia in a really nice neighborhood, where a barber is opening a salon.

Do you like Sofia?

Yeah, I'm very glad you asked me that, Sofia is beautiful, I really like the city. I think I'm here at a nice time, where there aren't so many people. So you got all the wonderful things, the convenience, the good food and entertainment of a big city, but without too many people. And the parks! And the mountain is so close..


Is this the first head shave for you?

No, actually I've had many head-shaves, because I was in India and then I joined the monastery. So I was a temporary monk. This means that you're not making a permanent vow, but for a period of time and when you want it to end you can end it. So you get to wear a robe, make a vow and you get to experience what the life of a monk is. And the hair signifies the attachment in Buddhism, I actually used to care a lot about my hair, I used to gel and style it in different ways, but in India, as a part of the gesture to join the monastery order they shave your head. The reason behind is that hair signifies what we're attached to, and by cutting off your hair you're cutting the ties to your attachments. 

You know, I am a barber, who tells people to just have an easy going hair. I want them to come to me seldom, not every day, not every month. I want to give them a haircut that allows them to be themselves, not to change their personality or mine, and if it's possible for them to come after three, four, five months. You have to spend your time on important things, and the hair is not one of them. You can come to relax and feel nice, but it's not for every day. When they feel tired and don't have energy, or they need to talk to someone and just relax. I think shaving is pretty much like a therapy for the client, because when the barber has good energy and touches you it's a beautiful experience. That's why Bob told you I'm a great barber, because he's open to feel people's energy and my energy's quite good, because I like everybody and I don't judge nobody.. anymore.

Have you been shaved somewhere else, besides India?

When I was a monk we used to shave our heads every three days. It's part of the self practice, to shave yourself. But then, after that, I stopped shaving, because it takes time and it's kind of complicated to do it yourself. I only cut it with the machine now, yet I'll never have long hair, or any hair again. 

Yeah, whenever you have short hair something just changes, you can never have long hair again.

Exactly, because you start missing that feeling, you know what total freedom feels like. Oh actually, I have gotten my head shaved once before in Mexico. I was in a yoga retreat center and I shaved it there for the first time. There was this Mexican lady in a barber shop. I went there for a haircut and said I actually want to be shaved, so she first trimmed it and then took out the razor. And in the first three days it was very strange, my head was feeling so much more air.. So that was the first time I shaved my head.

What is your goal in life up to now?

I don't know, I don't feel like I have one simple goal.

How many do you have?

It's that they always make you have one goal, at school for example, but I've never gotten myself to have one goal, I simply go out there and fight the extremes of the world and experience many different things. And I think if I had made goals I wouldn't have experienced them the same way.. But nowadays I'm learning to appreciate the value of having goals so I think you need to find a balance between this spontaneity and having goals, having goals helps you achieve things, but you also have personal stories, and at the same time being spontaneous, which lets other unexpected stories develop on the way. 


Do you have brothers and sisters?

No, I'm a single child like every person I know, who's grown up in China. It's the policy, we're only allowed to have one child. And people often ask me if this policy is true, and I say yes it is, you know we are 50-60 students in a class, and each grade has four-five classes, so that's over 200 people every year, and then middle school gets even bigger, so that's thousands and thousands of kids, now imagine every person with a brother or a sister. Yeah, it's real. Of course, twins happen sometimes, but they're rather rare either. 

This is so strange to us.

Well now in China you can have two children. Actually even more, but you get no child support and you need to pay everything on your own, and things are expensive in China now. Kids especially are very expensive. Buying all those clothes and all the fancy food.

We're the same in Bulgaria, even thought we're only 6 Million.

But it's still very beautiful, the nature is amazing and people know how to enjoy life. 

We're learning from the Greeks

to be continued ...